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MyMiltonKeynes donates £25,000 to inspiring new partnership with local youth charity

MyMiltonKeynes Business Improvement District (MyMK), is delighted to announce a new partnership with Action4Youth, supporting children and young people by funding new programmes and learning opportunities in 2022 and 2023.

The £25,000 donation will support the latest developments in Action4Youth’s innovative projects including ‘Breakout’ and ‘The Inspiration Programme’, dedicated to ensuring the City’s young people have the skills, belief system and knowledge required to become successful and happy.

Action4Youth, based in Milton Keynes, is a dedicated charity focused on driving forward the crucial youth agenda to transform lives for the better. The funding provided by MyMK will support the full range of opportunities available to young people, including the Breakout Programme, which offers an intensive and unique intervention experience for those particularly vulnerable or at risk of involvement in gang or knife crime. By engaging with these young people early on, educating them on the dangers this can bring and addressing behavioural issues that put them at risk of antisocial activities, this programme will play a crucial part in developing a safer and more socially integrated city.

The Inspiration Programme will also aim to equip children and young people who struggle to remain engaged in school with the vital skills they need to become motivated to succeed in life and to secure meaningful employment. Action4Youth has seen a huge increase in the demand for this 30-week programme since the onset of the recent coronavirus pandemic. Due to the introduction of virtual/online learning, many young people’s social mobility was negatively impacted, including high achievers, creating the need The Inspiration Programme to reignite motivation and belief in all children and young people, not just those already at risk.

Jenifer Cameron, CEO for Action4Youth said “Our thanks go out to MyMiltonKeynes for this generous donation. The Breakout and Inspiration Programmes encourage engagement and achievement in young people who are facing challenges that can lead them down a dangerous path. MyMiltonKeynes is a trailblazer in funding and supporting Action4Youth and with their ongoing help, we’re able to focus on making Milton Keynes a safe place for our youth to live and work. We are delighted that this partnership allows us to expand our significant positive work in MK which already includes The Caldecotte Xperience and National Citizen Service.”

With the support of MyMK, together, they remain focused on providing the city’s young people with the necessary skills to go on to be productive members of society and fulfil MyMK’s goal of making Milton Keynes a thriving region. Melanie Beck MBE, Chief Executive at MyMiltonKeynes, is a passionate advocate for Action4Youth’s ongoing initiatives to help Milton Keynes’ vulnerable young people. She said “Knife crime is a serious issue in our region and it is crucial that we all play our part in tackling this challenge. MyMiltonKeynes is proud to provide this donation to ensure Action4Youth is able to continue its crucial work to help make positive change happen in CMK to ensure our communities remain safe and ambitious children and young people can thrive.”


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