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National charity supports vaccinations for people with learning disabilities

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

People with learning disabilities in Milton Keynes, supported by national charity MacIntyre, have been receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations.

The national charity provides support for over 1,200 children, young people, and adults across the country and supports over 200 young people and adults in Milton Keynes through registered care, supported living placements, education and day opportunities.

60 local people with learning disabilities under MacIntyre's care have received their first COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as over 100 of the charity's frontline staff.

A number of people supported by MacIntyre who are classed as clinically vulnerable, and therefore in the current priority list for the vaccination, have been shielding since the beginning of the pandemic, whilst continuing to receive person-centred support safely.

Sarah Burslem, MacIntyre’s CEO, added: "For most of our teams, access to testing has improved tremendously and implementing regular and thorough testing will identify people who may be positive, quickly helping to manage the situation promptly. Vaccinations for everyone working in health and social care are underway; at MacIntyre 246 employees and a number of people we support have already received their first Covid-19 vaccination, with many more teams booked for vaccinations in the next couple of weeks. Our staff teams are doing an amazing job to keep education and care consistent for our children and young people and for keeping the adults we support safe, connected and happy.”

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