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National Film & Sci-Fi Museum Show Signs of opening in CMK

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

With the museum set to open towards the end of Spring, the National Film and Sci-fi Museum took to social media to show off their brand new sign installation.

On a Facebook post, the museum said,

''Today was a very special day indeed! We had our logos fitted today in the front of the museum. My mind went to this Peter Venkman quote from Ghostbusters - “You don't think people are going to drive down and not see this sign?” Its getting very exciting now!''

Many people are extremely excited to visit the museum which is a first of it's kind for MK.

It will feature a wide variety of memorabilia and nostalgia from years of your favourite film and sci-fi.

The museum is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and exhibition of the art, skills and dedication that goes into delivering some of the world’s most successful films and tv shows.

The fun of the museum creation

These artefacts and relics are created and used for only a very short time to make those films before being discarded, and most are never seen again by the audience who cares so much about them. The National Film & Sci-Fi Museum is dedicated to saving these amazing creations and making them available for everyone to see and enjoy, and at the same time telling the story of their creation and the people who helped to revolutionise the way we see films today.

So if you want to see Darth Vader’s screen used mask, James Bond’s Walther PPK gun, the grail cup from Indiana Jones, or a Cyberman helmet from Doctor Who, they will all be on view at the museum!

This truly is an exciting addition to the vast variety of entertainment available in Milton Keynes, something that thousands will flock from across the UK to.

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