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Nearly half a million pounds for footpath repairs across Milton Keynes

£450,000 has been proposed by Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors to repair footpaths across the city as part of their draft budget.

The Progressive Alliance has set aside the following provisional funding to benefit the whole of Milton Keynes:

- £125,000 for footpath resurfacing across Bletchley, as part of the Alliance’s commitment to regeneration and enhancing town deal improvements.

- £125,000 for footpath resurfacing in the older towns, such as Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Wolverton and New Bradwell.

- £100,000 for footpath resurfacing across the renewal estates in Stony Stratford, Bletchley East and Woughton and Fishermead as part of the renewal programme.

- £100,000 for footpath resurfacing across the older new town estates, such as Hodge Lea, Springfield and Downsbarn.

Labour Councillor Lauren Townsend is the Cabinet Member for Public Realm: “The Progressive Alliance is committed to delivering high-quality, essential services that keep Milton Keynes running well for our residents, and this extra funding shows that commitment.”

The draft budget also sets out a provisional £100,000 extra to fix 10,000 potholes, and extra spending to stamp out fly-tipping, rates of which are currently at their lowest in four years.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr, who represents Newport Pagnell South, said: “Some of the footpaths in the old towns, such as Newport Pagnell, are in desperate need of resurfacing because of their age, and so I’m thrilled that this money has provisionally been put aside to make sure we’re fixing up the pavements that need it.”

Labour Councillor Mick Legg represents Bletchley West: “Residents have been in touch with me recently about pavements that are worn and damaged, and I’ve made sure to voice their concerns. The Progressive Alliance invests in what our residents care about, and this money makes sure that we can deliver essential services for the people of Milton Keynes.”


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