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NHS Staff Survey 2022: MKUH tops national ratings for staff engagement

MILTON KEYNES UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL staff are the most engaged NHS workers in the country according to a national survey released today (Thursday, March 9).

The 2022 NHS national staff survey results reveal staff at the hospital topped the league table for staff engagement, improving on an already ‘best in the region’ score from the previous year.

Each year, staff across all NHS acute and community trusts are encouraged to provide their views and feedback on their organisation, with the survey broadly classified into nine overarching elements and themes: we are compassionate and inclusive; we are recognised and rewarded; we each have a voice that counts; we are safe and healthy; we are always learning; we work flexibly; we are a team; staff engagement and morale.

More than 1,600 members of #TeamMKUH completed their survey and as well as our colleagues being the most engaged in the country, the Trust further scored above average in all other eight overarching elements, including being one of the best performers in the ‘we are always learning’ and ‘we each have a voice that counts’ themes.

The continuous development of our workforce, both professionally and personally, has been an area the Trust has focussed on considerably over the last year and as a result, scores have significantly improved for questions relating to colleagues feeling empowered to show initiative in their role, able to make suggestions to improve their team or department and providing opportunities for career development.

Joe Harrison, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes University Hospital, said: “I am really pleased there’s so much positive feedback from colleagues across the organisation who all work exceptionally hard to provide the best possible care for our patients.

“While it is fantastic to recognise the areas of high performance, the responses we received further identified several areas where the organisation could improve and we have absolutely heard that feedback. The Trust will now be implementing a robust action plan to address the areas of concerns so that all colleagues feel comfortable and confident and able deliver to their best of their ability.”

While results across the board were above average, there are several areas where improvements can be made. These include:

  • Raising concerns and giving our staff confidence that we will deal with their issue

  • Supporting staff with long-term health conditions

  • Improving career progression and promotion opportunities to be open and fair

  • Giving staff the confidence to raise unsafe clinical practice

The Trust will be working hard over the coming weeks and months, in collaboration with staff and patients, to better understand the areas for improvement in more detail and will continue to ensure that actions are implemented as necessary.

To view a full breakdown of all the staff survey results, visit:


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