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Popular Shenley Lodge bridge and walkway to receive ‘crucial’ upgrade

A wooden bridge and walkway that surround a scenic local pond are set to receive an upgrade as part of the Progressive Alliance’s budget.

The wooden bridge and walkway, located near the pond by the Old Beams pub in Shenley Lodge, are in need of improvements, and the Progressive Alliance’s draft budget proposals have set aside the money to make sure they’re fixed up.

£20,000 has been allocated for the project, as detailed investigations and inspections will need to be carried out for the wood to be replaced.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Andy Reilly represents Shenley Brook End ward: “I’m thrilled to see this funding in the draft budget allocated for fixing up the bridge and walkway by the Old Beams pond.”

“Residents have raised concerns about the bridge and walkway in the past, and so it is great to see this money being put aside to repair them. Some local pedestrians and cyclists use the bridge and walkway regularly, so maintaining them is crucial.”

Labour Councillor Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for Public Realm, said: “The bridge and walkway are in a beautiful green space, and I know having them upgraded will make this scenic space even more welcoming.”

The draft budget proposals will be discussed by all councillors at February’s Full Council meeting.


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