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Progressive Alliance Committed to Taking Action on Climate Change

The new Progressive Alliance of MK Council has its sights on making Milton Keynes the Greenest City in the World.

The new progressive Council Plan is due to be approved at Wednesday’s (16th June) Full Council meeting, with details of how the Progressive Alliance plans to deliver on 5 key priorities for Milton Keynes: A Fair and Prosperous Economic Recovery, Doing the Essentials Well, Building Better Communities, Tackling Child Poverty and Supporting Children and Young People and Taking Action on Climate Change.

The Council’s key commitments to taking action on climate change include reducing carbon, increasing biodiversity and supporting sustainable transport across the city.

The Alliance is planning to open the City’s first all-through, zero carbon school, continue developing the MK Connect Demand Responsive Transport service to encourage more sustainable travel and to ensure the city’s economic recovery is a green one, with a focus on green jobs and industries to help meet the target of making MK carbon neutral by 2030.

Cllr Jennifer Wilson-Marklew, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainability said:

“Making MK carbon neutral by 2030 has been a target of the Council for the last three years and by working together the new Progressive Alliance will continue to work and innovate to meet this target”

Cllr Robin Bradburn, Liberal Democrat Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Economy, Recovery and Renewal added:

“Taking action on climate change is a cross-cutting issue and as we look to the future and our recovery from the COVID-19 crisis I’m delighted to be making a commitment to ensure our economic recovery is a green one”


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