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Progressive Alliance Respond To Conservatives Pest Control Demands - Dealing With Rats In MK

Conservatives released a press release regarding Rats in Milton Keynes - You can read the PR here.

The Progressive Alliance have since released this statement.

“Despite what the Conservative Group may claim, the Progressive Alliance has doubled its investment in pest control in the 22/23 budget, proposing £120,000 to tackle rats.

“Working in partnership with Luton Council’s specialist pest control team, we have successfully reduced the rat population in the past year while delivering value for money. Bait boxes and regular street cleaning have proved effective, although we know that the best way to eradicate rats is to remove their food source. This means that wheelie bins and continued weekly collections will be the most effective weapon to tackle the problem going forward.

“Yet again, the Conservatives are recycling year-old stories to help them shape their policies that simply don’t make sense. It is unclear if they are supporting the Labour and Liberal Democrats’ programme, or trying to claim the success as their own, but The Progressive Alliance will continue to put people before politics and deliver what our residents need.”


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