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PSPO at the recreational ground Olney

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Olney Town Council have asked us to re-iterate the importance of the PSPO at Olney Recreational Ground, meaning no Alcohol or BBQ's are permitted.

''For those who do not know and are new to Olney, and to those visiting, we have a

PSPO in place at the recreation ground.

This beautiful green space is protected by the PSPO which prohibits alcohol and BBQs

Olney is kind and welcoming to all visitors, our town has a great deal to offer, from historic buildings, an array of shops, pubs, clubs and restaurants and beautiful open green spaces.

The PSPO is in place for a reason.

It’s there to preserve and protect the BEAUTY of this open green space

Please respect the environment and leave it as you find it.

Myself and fellow Cllrs will be marshalling at the rec again this weekend to welcome visitors and remind everyone of the ban.

Please do not bring BBQ's to this open space as fines will be imposed as stated in the PSPO by anyone ignoring the ban

The Fire and Rescue service have told members of the public to dispose of cigarette ends responsibly to not fire up a BBQ or light fires in rural areas and to take your rubbish home at the end of the day.

In the current climate a small fire can spread quickly to have devastating consequences on the surrounding areas.


Cllr Debbie Whitworth''

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