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Ride2Give surprises 12 year old Superhero in MK

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

When Super Owain was four months old he was diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome ptpn11, which is the most common form of this syndrome that people are affected with.

Super Owain has a range of superpowers with Noonan Syndrome. Some of his superpowers are physical, others are related to learning and behavior. Currently Super Owain is doing amazingly well, but everyday life is still a bit of a challenge for him.

Rise2Give are a group of men who hit the streets of MK helping to put smiles on peoples faces. With the help of the community giving donations, Ride2Give deliver amazing treats and surprises to deserving people.

When they found out it was Super Owain's birthday, they couldn't help but pay him a socially distanced visit on their bikes. Aswell as the excitement of seeing their bikes, he was given some little surprise treats. NOT only that, but they invited Chris George along to treat Owain to an electric guitar masterclass. What a Birthday to remember!

Thankyou to Ride2Give for your incredibly kind gesture of support to the community of MK.

Click here to watch the surprise visit

Click here to Donate to Ride2Give

We hope Owain had the best birthday EVER!


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