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Road / Traffic / Bus Updates in Milton Keynes - Lots of repairs being carried out

From 7 June 2021 we will be carrying out roadworks on some sections in the following areas. To provide a safe working environment for staff, some temporary road closures and diversions may be necessary.

Road repairs including potholes

7 June:

Wolverton - Cambridge Street

9 June:

Denbigh - Graton Street between A5 and V4

10 June:

Bletchley - Bond Avenue

Tilbrook - Bradbourne Drive

Two Mile Ash - Corn Hill

Woburn Sands - Theydon Avenue

Wolverton - Jersey Road

4 June:

Bradville - Shipton Hill

New Bradwell - Newport Road and Thompson Street

Gully cleaning (road drains)

7 June:

H7 Chaffron Way between V2 and V3

H7 Chaffron Way between V11 and Mandeville Drive

8 June:

V4 Watling Street between H6 and H7

V10 Brickhill Street between H4 and H5

9 - 10 June:

V10 Brickhill Street between H6 and H7

10 - 11 June:

V10 Brickhill Street between H8 and H9


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