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Schools in Milton Keynes face cuts of £5.7 million-pounds next year

The Progressive Alliance which runs Milton Keynes City Council has released new analysis, based on research by the School Cuts campaign, which shows that schools across the city face cuts of a whopping £5.7 million-pounds next year.

The data published by the School Cuts campaign, run by teaching unions, reveal that 85 out of 103 schools in Milton Keynes will see a reduction in their spending power next year.

This means that schools across the city will have £128 less on average to spend per pupil.

For thousands of children, these cuts could lead to larger class sizes, reduced subject choice and less individual support.

Councillor Zoe Nolan, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Children & Families, said:

“Sadly, thousands of children across Milton Keynes will feel the effects of these cuts, with less adults in the classroom providing essential support and less individual attention for students, it is making it impossible to provide a proper education.

“For children in Milton Keynes this will have a devastating impact on their future.”

For teachers, the cuts could mean more real terms pay cuts, more unmanageable workloads, and less time to teach each child.

Councillor Jane Carr, Lib Dem Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Social Inequalities, added:

“These cuts are damaging the lives of vulnerable children. Pupils from low and middle-income households are already being hit hard with the cost-of-living crisis this winter.

“With less teaching staff to turn to for support it will be the most disadvantaged who will suffer. I am urging the Conservative Government to act now and increase education spending to stop more children from falling through the gaps.”

The challenges facing schools are ever-growing; after teacher salaries, pensions, and tax, they are hit with energy and rising food costs which puts even more pressure on their budgets.

Councillor Emily Darlington, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Healthy Communities, concluded:

“Our children are bearing the cost of the Conservative Government’s economic incompetence.

“We need a government to invest in our children’s future, not limit it.”


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