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Short Comedy Film 'Roundabouts' Ready For Summer Release

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Roundabouts is a short comedy film produced as part of the towns indie film collective, 'Milton Keynes Film Network.'

Photo: Samuel Dore

Roundabouts, directed by local filmmaker MJ Dixon and written by local writer Grant Kempster, created right here in Milton Keynes.

The film is about a boyfriend who is desperate to propose to his girlfriend on a night out in Milton Keynes. You will recognise many of the locations in the film, including The Iconic 'Point,' The Odeon, Milton Keynes Theatre and more.

Buckinghamshire based actors Eve Oliver and Adam Lezemore as well as many others feature in the film, helping to keep it truly local.

Director, MJ Dixon said, “It’s a really exciting project. It really explores so many different genres of film and the script by Grant Kempster is incredibly good, heart-warming and funny.”

“Shooting in Milton Keynes was a fun experience, taking places we wander by every day and making a feature of them in the narrative really reminds you of what an interesting town we live in.''

So, keep your eyes peeled for the summer release.


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