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Small Jack Russell killed by Rottweilers on the loose in Milton Keynes

Today on social media, reports were made that two / three Rottweilers had escaped their home and were on the run in the North of MK.

Two Jack Russell terriers were attacked this morning and one of them has sadly passed away due to the injuries caused by the attack. The second dog is thought to be recovering after receiving some medical treatment at the vets.

A message was posted to social media by the dog owners daughter thanking the public.

"Thank you for everyone’s concern regarding my mums little dog who was attacked by a Rottweiler on Greenleys this morning. I’m absolutely devastated to say he has passed away. Thank you to Jo and Mark who stopped to help, Nicky for rushing them to the vets, and MK Vet group for trying to save him. Mum is heartbroken."

The police were called and were out hunting the escaped Rottweilers down. It has not yet been confirmed as to whether or not the dogs have been found.

We will update you with any information we receive.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family who lost their beloved pet today.


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