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Special Clap For Unsung Heroes within Schools and the Wider Community

Clap for all the unsung heroes within schools and the wider community with Inspiring Futures Through Learning Trust!

Can you believe it has been one year since the schools first opened as a keyworker provision and life has changed dramatically over the last year!

As we believe this is a moment in history that we don’t want to go unmarked we have decided to recognise it in the following way, and we are inviting ALL schools and local community to join in with us.

Date: Tuesday 23rd March 2021 @ 11am

We will be on our playgrounds socially distanced for a one minute silence followed by a one minute clap for all the unsung heroes within schools and the wider community!

Milton Keynes Schools currently taking part are: Ashbrook Holmwood Two Mile Ash Whitehouse Primary Fairfields Primary Olney Infants Academy Olney Middle School Chestnuts Primary School Rickley Park Primary School Heronshaw St Mary's and St Giles Please join us from your Front door step, Garden or wherever you maybe!

So, if you work in a school, bring this to the headteachers attention. If you work in a nursery, see if you can arrange a small clap. Wherever you are, why not take part to help show appreciation to our unsung heroes?


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