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Spike In Tool Theft Warning From Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police have warned residents that there has recently been a spike in theft of tools from vehicles in Milton Keynes.

Being a victim of vehicle crime can be very distressing and often cause financial hardship.

Vehicle crime accounts for around a fifth of all recorded crime in the UK. You can help drive down vehicle crime in your area by following a few simple acts.

TVP advise that you lock your tools away safely at night away from your vehicles. If you cannot do this as they understand it isn't always practical, then there is some guidance below on how to protect your tools in case of a robbery.

For further advice and information on securing your vehicle, visit the Thames Valley Police website at:

- Mark your Tools - Protect valuable items by marking them with your registration number or postcode using an ultraviolet pen or similar. Marked tools or items are not only harder to sell they are also traceable when stolen and will help convict those responsible. Marking tools and other items is the most effective way to help stop the trade of stolen tools.

Additional contacts: Sold Secure – For a list of recognised security products: Immobilise – To register your valuables in case of loss or theft: Crimestoppers – If you have any information on car crime:

Most vehicle crime can be prevented. Don’t give criminals an easy ride. Avoid becoming a victim of vehicle crime

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