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Squirrels Children’s Centre expands with new ‘eco pod’

A new ‘eco pod’ has been opened at Squirrels Children’s Centre in Stantonbury, where MK City Council works in partnership with Wood End Infant and Pre-School.

Open Monday to Friday every week, Squirrels Children’s Centre provides a wide range of activities and services for parents, carers and families of children aged 0-5 years.

The fully insulated wooden building expands the existing centre and will provide extra space for events and activities, enabling new classes for adults and children to run from the centre. It even includes a creche.

Thanks to our partnership with Wood End Infant and Pre-School, we’ve been able to expand our Children’s Centre which is so important to the local community. It’s a bright and welcoming new space which will be used by local pupils along with children and adults for a wide range of things – from messy play sessions to adult education courses on parenting and childcare. - Cllr Zoe Nolan, Cabinet Member for Children and Families

We are delighted to have secured the funds to build an additional space that will give Squirrel's Children's Centre the capacity to provide additional sessions and support to the community. The new pod will strengthen the offer that the joint working between the Wood End Infant and Pre-School and the Squirrel's Children's Centre already provides and creates a focal point for local families. - Claire Wilson, Headteacher at Wood End Infant and Pre-School

The project was funded by the city council using money provided by developers (called ‘Section 106’ funding) which is in place to create or improve infrastructure to benefit local communities.


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