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Teens help local resident with disabilities- Money offered - Money refused! Teen Heroes.

A local resident took to social media to praise a group of teenagers who went out of their way to help in the garden.

Karen Sidgwick is a resident of MK who was in need of some assistance in her garden.

As a group of teens walked past her house, Karen asked for some assistance.

She offered them some money to help her clear the brambles and rubbish but once the job was completed they refused to accept the offer.

Karen was taken back by the generosity, in a time where teens don't always get the best picture painted of them.

Karen posted to a group on Facebook,

''Such lovely teens in our area. I offered them money to help me clear some brambles and rubbish outside my home as they walked past. I'm disabled, and these lovely kids refused my offer of money, but did the job. Demi Gracey, Rylee Carter, Remy Premarajah, thank you so much lovely teens in our neighbourhood Names given with their permission xx''

Well done to every single one of those teens who have helped to make a difference. Kindness really does go a long way.

A credit to you and your families.


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