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Test your LEGO building skills with the LEGO Car Rally Milton Keynes

Test your LEGO building skills with the LEGO Car Rally - Rubber Band Challenge coming to the Milton Keynes Brick Festival on 6th May.

Do you have what it takes to create and engineer an awesome LEGO vehicle powered purely by a rubber band? Then come along to the Milton Keynes Brick Festival and test your creation against others with incredible LEGO prizes up for grabs.

Over 40 years ago Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, as centre:mk was known back then, hosted the first ever LEGO themed event “LEGO World”. This was the first time the UK had ever seen an incredible collection of LEGO models, alongside fun-filled brick based activities which included a World Record breaking Tallest Tower at over 13m and the LEGO Car Rally building challenge. Over 4 decades later, the Milton Keynes Brick Festival is bringing all of that nostalgic fun back home to centre:mk, and reviving this long lost vehicle building challenge!

The LEGO Car Rally will bring back all of the fun from the first ever LEGO event, giving builders of all ages and abilities the chance to take part. Whether you took part back in 1980, or you’re brand new to LEGO building, everyone is welcome to join in and enter their own vehicle.

The challenge is to build a vehicle of ANY kind whatever your imagination can dream up. The rules are incredibly simple too: Your vehicle must be fully made from only LEGO elements, whether that be System bricks, Technic elements or even Duplo is allowed too! If the LEGO Group made it, you can use it.

The vehicle must be exclusively powered by the rubber band that we provide. How you harness the power of the band is entirely up to you. There are no size or weight limits.> Vehicles must not leave the ground during your powered run.

This LEGO building challenge isn’t just about fun – although it is absolutely full of that too! This challenge empowers participants to explore a range of STEM subject skills. How do you become more interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths? By understanding them. And how do you best understand things? By having fun while learning.

LEGO is the perfect tool for developing new skills, exploring new ideas and having new adventures. The LEGO Car Rally is a great balance of fun and learning, Build your LEGO vehicle at home, then bring it along to event on 6th May. Simply visit the LEGO Car Rally Sign In Desk when you arrive to register your entry in 1of 3 age categories; Under 11s, 11-16s and 17s & Over. You’ll be issued with your rubber band and given some time to install it into your vehicle before you line up on the start-line, ready to race your vehicle as far down the course as possible.

The winner, with the furthest distance in each of the 3 categories, will win an awesome LEGO prize!


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