THE best school trip EVER in Milton Keynes - Hazard Alley

Hazard Alley holds many fond memories with most children who go through education in Milton Keynes. The place to learn about all things safety in a fun and interactive way.

MK Charities have been focussing on some of the amazing local charities that we have in MK and they today posted about Hazard Alley. Find out lots of interesting info below!

"Dedicated staff at the Safety Centre have adapted the face-to-face parent and child internet safety sessions, so that they can be accessed online. Initially, sessions were being taught virtually over Zoom by our amazing School Liaison Officer. When the news came in that we were going into a third lockdown and the joys of home-schooling would once again be reignited, we adapted the sessions again to support this.

Our Internet Safety sessions are now available in a video format that can be shared by a link. By doing this, teachers are able to send links out to children who are being educated at home, so that they can access the same resources as those who are able to go to school. Since this has been successful, we are making it our mission to expand our virtual sessions further to cover more of our safety curriculum.

We want to take this time to say a special ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who has continued to show love and support for Hazard Alley. We really hope to see you soon."

What's your favourite memory of Hazard Alley? We sure hold great ones!