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The Open University is the first organisation to pledge its support for the ‘Milton Keynes Ethnic Business Impact Report’

The Milton Keynes Ethnic Business Community (MKEBC) and Whitecap Consulting are excited to announce a significant step forward for the ‘Milton Keynes Ethnic Business Impact Report’. The Open University (OU) has come on board as the report's first sponsor.


The report aims to analyse and emphasise the contributions of ethnically diverse businesses in Milton Keynes to provide vital data and insights for the community. The support received from the OU is crucial in advancing this important initiative.


Viren Patel, CEO of OU Worldwide and Director of Employers & Partnerships for the Open University (OU), shares:


“The OU are proud to contribute towards this project as we believe the insights obtained will be momentous for Milton Keynes. This report holds the key to comprehending the important economic role played by ethnically diverse businesses. As a leading employer in Milton Keynes, the OU is keen to support the community and foster a culture of inclusivity.”


Ranjit Singh, Co-Founder of Milton Keynes Ethnic Business Community (MKEBC), expresses his thanks to the OU and highlights the importance of this project:


"The OU holds a prominent position within Milton Keynes, so we are thrilled to announce them as our first sponsor for this pivotal project. Currently, there is a lack of concrete data on how much ethnically diverse businesses contribute to the wider economy of Milton Keynes, however, it’s crucial to understand and appreciate the contributions of these businesses in our community. This report will provide vital insights, foster discussions and spark initiatives aimed at further economic development and thanks to the OU we are making great strides towards our goal.”


While the partnership with the OU has provided a strong foundation, additional contributions are essential. Organisations interested in sponsoring the ‘Milton Keynes Ethnic Business Impact Report’ are encouraged to contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities and benefits.


For further information about the project and sponsorship details please contact the MKEBC team at or go to the website:


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