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The Parks Trust names brand new play area

The Parks Trust have engaged the help of local residents and school children in the Whitehouse area to choose the name of their brand-new play area.  


Choosing from a list of names that were inspired by the history of this area, some of the land was once part of an old clay pit and a section was part of the 'Common Farm' which is why the local streets are named after breeds of sheep. Over 80 votes were received with the residents declared Shearing Park their winner.  


The new play area and green space, Shearing Park is now open to the public and features, a play fort, climbing frames, roundabout and swings. The green space surrounding the play area also includes a multi-use games area with football goals and basketball hoops and beautifully landscape areas with benches and walkways. 


This park and the surrounding green space off Ramboullet Drive in Whitehouse was developed by L&Q and now has been adopted by The Parks Trust, making it one of 30 play areas managed by the charity. Moving forwards the ownership of the land and play equipment will be cared for by the Trust, alongside the 6,000 acres of green space they already look after across Milton Keynes. 

Natalie Dewhirst, Green Infrastructure Officer at The Parks Trust said “We are thrilled to be able to open Shearing Park for the residents of Whitehouse. We hope that this wonderful park will be enjoyed by residents for years to come, enabling them to play, get together with family and friends, and create precious memories in their new local park." 

Adrian Clack, Managing Director at L&Q Estates, which is one of the UK’s major land promoters and developers, added: “Creating communities is one of the key drivers of our business and it is fantastic to see this park come to life. We believe our investment in Shearing Park will lead to the site becoming a focal point of the community and we are delighted to have handed it over to The Parks Trust to manage this new green space.”  

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