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The Parks Trust Upgrade Interpretation Boards throughout Milton Keynes Parks

Have you noticed the newly installed interpretation boards whilst exploring parks around Milton Keynes?

Over the years the original boards have been damaged from decades of exposure so The Parks Trust are now carrying out a project to refresh and update the signage across green spaces in Milton Keynes.

They are using this opportunity to include more maps so that visitors can get their bearings and visualise the history of an area more easily.

For all those that have cherished the old boards over the years and have loved the depth of information provided, do not fear. The information has been retained on The Parks Trust website, with links to individual pages for each site. This will enable them to update the information as new developments come to light, and link to other heritage organisations.

The boards themselves are part of our history and will now by looked after by MK Museum. Maybe they’ll even feature in the new gallery on the ‘City’ of Milton Keynes in the future.

To find out more, click here.


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