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The residents of Milton Keynes deserve a Council which does not waste millions say Conservatives

Through a combination of arrogance and incompetence, Milton Keynes City Council has lost a piece of land in Milton Keynes worth many millions of pounds.

This land was due to be sold and the income used to support the services MKCC provides yet now to fill the gap the Council are taxing residents more to pay for their incompetence, with council tax rising to the legal maximum despite many families and households struggling to pay their bills.

Whats more, the Labour-Lib Dem administration at Milton Keynes City Council is continuing to refuse to even discuss the mistake which has cost all MK council tax payers millions.

In March 2022, Milton Keynes Council lost a high court case that allowed a family living on the neighbouring traveller site to take possession of a piece of MKCC- owned land at Calverton Lane, which falls within the western expansion area of the city, land that already has outline planning permission on.

This loss was because the Labour-Lib Dem Council messed up the case, with the Judge embarrassingly highlighting the lack of and poor-quality evidence presented by MKCC

Local Conservatives believe it is outrageous that council taxpayers will have to pick up the bill for this incompetence not just the loss of millions for the land but also pay the enormous legal bills of both MKCC and the family Milton Keynes City Council chose to sue. A mistake of this proportion is appalling and should be properly and openly investigated, this land belonged to everyone in the city not just the Labour and Lib Dems administration.

However, the Labour-Lib leadership have continued to hide and ignore their mistake, consistently refusing to discuss publicly how best to learn their lessons from this debacle in case they look like thy have made the mistakes what further mistakes the administration is covering up?

Cllr Peter Geary said, “ this is just another case of total incompetence from Milton Keynes City Council, they think because of their regressive alliance that they don’t have to explain their failings to the people in the city. What’s more this is not an isolated event, Labour incompetence has cost residents even more but that is a story for another day. These things cannot be undone these loss’s will be bourn by every household in the city who will have to pay higher taxes or have services cut to compensate.”


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