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TheCentre:MK - Saturday Ghost Town

Today (30/01/21) TheCentre:MK was still and soulless as people are forced to stay at home due to government restrictions.

Although maybe the right decision for safety reasons and to help protect the NHS, it's still an extremely worrying and sad time for the staff and companies, who's doors remain closed with no real timescale on when they may be able to re-open.

A usual Saturday would see locals & tourists coming to seek out new gifts & treats but today, it was the total opposite. Below are some photos of the Centre at 3pm.

On social media, comments were flooding in.

Dave Coleman - ''I wonder how many of them will re-open after this?''

Liz Macneil - ''Looking very sad do miss it hope it wont be long before the shops open again :(''

It's great that people are staying home and following the rules, for that Thankyou, but we do hope this over sooner rather than later.

Stay safe and please do remember you’re not alone.


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