Thousands of low-income households to receive council tax credit

Milton Keynes Council will be providing around 3,000 low-income households with council tax credit to help them through the cost of living crisis.

The Council has been working to distribute £150 council tax rebates to households across the city, with there being a discretionary ‘energy crisis fund’ providing extra help for those who are on lower incomes. Eligible households have been encouraged to apply for the scheme, but there has been a low uptake among residents that are in receipt of council tax reduction – especially pensioners.

As a result, the Council has written to these some 3,000 households that haven’t yet claimed their discretionary rebate to inform them that it will now be automatically credited to their council tax account. This is to ensure that these residents do not miss out on the financial help.

Councillor Rob Middleton, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Resources, said:

“The council tax credit will reach accounts in time for the Autumn, which is when we can expect the cost of living to go through the roof. Many pensioners haven’t yet claimed their council tax reduction, so I’m pleased that they will not be missing out on the financial help, especially as they are expected to be hit hard by the hike in energy bills.”

In addition to delivering a council tax reduction scheme, the Progressive Alliance is providing £18m in direct cost of living support this year, including:

Over £3 million for concessionary public transport fares

£150,000 to maintain a Local Welfare Provision Scheme, which can help residents in need by providing items such as beds, cookers, and fridge freezers

Councillor Jane Carr, Liberal Democrat Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Tackling Social Inequalities, added:

“Thousands of households will be receiving credit in the next couple of months so that they can put this money they would’ve spent on council tax towards heating their home or putting dinner on the table. The cost of living crisis is devastating families across the city and the Progressive Alliance will do all we can to support families through it.”