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Thousands of pounds for footpath repairs in Newport Pagnell

An initial £15,000 in the Labour and Liberal Democrat draft budget for footpath repairs in Newport Pagnell has been followed up with a provisional £125,000 for repairs across the older towns.

The draft budget, which will be discussed by all councillors later this month, has provisionally set out £450,000 for footpath repairs across the city.

£125,000 has been allocated to the older towns such as Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Wolverton and New Bradwell.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr represents Newport Pagnell South: “Old, worn and damaged footpaths are a key issue for our residents, and the Progressive Alliance is listening.”

“A balanced budget means we can keep investing in the things that matter to our residents, and this money means we will be able to get to work fixing the footpaths that need it.”

Local campaigner Andy Carr has also welcomed the news: “Residents have voiced their concerns about certain footpaths recently, such as Cypress, Deben Close, Union Street and Shelsmore in Giffard Park. I’m thrilled that this money has been set aside so that their worries can be addressed, and footpaths across the town fixed up.”


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