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Train Ticket Office Closures - Petition! Call For Help!

Local Labour Cllr Debbie Whitworth is calling for the Milton Keynes community to sign a petition to save ticket office from closure!

Labour said ''The Conservatives are pushing ahead with plans to close ticket offices across the country, including Wolverton and Bletchley by the end of 2024.

The move willl disproportionately impact vulnerable passengers, including many elderly people and those with disabilities''

The Conservative government urgently needs to halt these harmful proposals.

Debbie said, ''Closing ticket offices would be disastrous for passenger safety, security, accessibility and service. Being disabled myself (wheelchair bound) I know first hand just how much I rely on being able to go to a ticket office when at stations, it's crucial they remain open

I urge the good people of Milton Keynes to sign the petition .. together let's make a difference and be a voice for the vulnerable in society ''


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