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TVP send out warning to those planning to attend Car Meet this weekend

Thames Valley Police are advising drivers planning to attend any car cruising event in Milton Keynes this weekend that the police use of dispersal powers and the current Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) will mean it’s not worth the journey.

Thames Valley Police have been made aware by Northamptonshire Police of a possible event planned on public roads and retail parks in the Northampton area today, Saturday 8 May.

If this unauthorised event moves into the Milton Keynes area, Thames Valley Police have officers ready to enforce the Public Space Protection Order to stop any anti-social car meets.

Police can also use section 50 of the Police Reform Act 2002 to compel anyone acting in an anti-social manner to provide their name and address, if they do not then they commit an arrestable offence.

Static displays/meetings at the current time with large gatherings are not permitted due to government regulations to control the ongoing public health emergency.

Thames Valley Police will NOT allow this sort of gathering. If an event does take place, our neighbourhood teams will be taking firm action to move anyone attending on.

“If anyone is caught driving unlawfully, they will be prosecuted, and participants could be issued with fixed penalty notices for gathering under COVID regulations.”

Anyone with information about such events of this nature is encouraged to call Thames Valley Police on 101, or if there is an immediate threat to life, call 999 in an emergency.

The Public Space Protection Order makes it unlawful to commit the following within the borough of Milton Keynes: Excessive speed, revving of engines, sudden or rapid acceleration, driving in convoy, racing other motor vehicles, playing loud/amplified music, sounding horns or causing an obstruction of the highway. Drivers found committing this will be subject to enforcement.


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