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TVP teams up with Love Island star to help make women and girls feel safe in the Thames Valley

Thames Valley Police is pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with Sharon Gaffka as part of our ongoing work to ensure women and girls feel safe in the Thames Valley.

Our partnership with Sharon aims to raise awareness of the work Thames Valley Police is doing to tackle violence against women and girls as well as improving our engagement with a younger audience.

Over the coming months, we plan to create content behind the scenes at Thames Valley Police, giving people an insight into how we respond to particular crime types such as sexual assault and rape offences, as well as building awareness of how to report to the police.

Sharon lives within the Thames Valley and passionately campaigns around women’s safety. She has a strong following on social media, particularly young women and girls, who are less likely to engage with the police, and is also known for her time on series seven of the well-known ITV2 show Love Island.

Chief Superintendent Katy Barrow-Grint, tactical lead for Violence Against Women and Girls, said: “Working with Sharon provides us with a great opportunity to enhance how we reach our younger communities and improve the trust that has been damaged in relation to violence against women and girls.

“Sharon’s relentless campaigning around drink spiking, women’s rights and the recent launch of her female empowerment podcast ‘Girls Know Nothing’ makes her a trusted ambassador to help us achieve this.

“We are determined to do the very best for girls and women in our communities to create change and improve the support we give to you.”

Sharon Gaffka said: “To be asked to be part of the violence against women and girls (VAWG) campaign with Thames Valley Police has been an honour. Ensuring women and girls feel safe in the area and across the UK is a huge concern and whatever I can do to highlight this, I will.

“I have been working with teams in the field and now have an incredible insight to what happens behind the scenes and believe sharing this will only raise greater awareness and increase knowledge on how we can all support VAWG as well as firmly knowing our rights.”


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