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Two major Milton Keynes grid roads receive the ‘golden’ treatment

Two of the city’s most-used grid roads have been given the ‘golden’ treatment by the Council’s highways team, with more major roads set to be improved later this year.

The A509 Portway and A421 Standing Way are among the Golden Grid network of dual carriageways receiving increased investment and cleaning this year.

Portway and Standing Way, which are over 10 miles combined, have received a deep clean, landscaping, fresh lining, new signs and potholes have been filled and roads resurfaced.

These are the first two completed grid roads as part of the Golden Grid project, which focusses on the city’s most-used roads seen by millions of people each year.

Councillor Lauren Townsend, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Public Realm, said:

“I’m thrilled that we have completed treatment on the first two of our golden grid roads. Portway and Standing Way are among the major roads that get people from one end of the city to the other, so it is vital that they are well looked after.

“Going forward, the golden grid roads will have prioritised cyclical maintenance to make it easy to travel across the city. I look forward to seeing the project progress, as officers are set to start work on the next lot of golden grid roads, H6 Childs Way and V6 Grafton Street, very soon.”

Councillor Paul Trendall, Councillor for Campbell Park and Old Woughton Ward and Lib Dem Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Customer Services, added:

“A stretch of Portway passes through my ward and I’ve seen just how much of a difference these works have made to such an important gateway to the city.

“The completion of the first two golden grid roads is testament to how Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors are committed to doing the essentials well – and we won’t stop there. We will keep improving our golden grid network, while investing £4m in long-term improvements for roads, redways and paths across the city.”


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