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Upcoming roadworks in Milton Keynes

From 1 June 2021 we will be carrying out roadworks on some sections in the following areas. To provide a safe working environment for staff, some temporary road closures and diversions may be necessary.

Road repairs including potholes

1 June:

Bletchley - Wincanton Hill

Crown Hill - Hendrix Drive

Millers Way between V5 and V6

Newport Pagnell - Westbury Lane

Stony Stratford - Park Road

Tattenhoe - Holborn Crescent

Winterhill - Grampian Gate

Wolverton - McConnel Drive

2 June:

Bletchley - Rickley Lane and St Johns Road

Brinklow - Etheridge Avenue

Newport Pagnell - Green Park Drive

Saxon Street between H9 and H10

Willen Park - Willen Park Avenue

Wolverton - Church Street, Haversham Road and Stratford Road

3 June:

Childs Way between V1 and V2

Fishermead - Towan Avenue

Milton Keynes Village - Walton Road

Newport Pagnell - Severn Drive

Old Wolverton - Old Wolverton Road and Trinity Road

Stantonbury - Temple

Wavendon - Gaddesden Crescent and Walton Road

Wolverton - Green Lane, St Georges Way and Victoria Street

4 June:

Bradville - Shipton Hill

New Bradwell - Newport Road and Thompson Street

Site Investigation Works

24 - 28 May:

A509 between Tickford roundabout and M1 junction 14

Newport Road between A509 and Moulsoe Village

27 - 28 May:

Tongwell Street between H4 and H5

Street lighting

1 June:

Brickhill Street between H4 and H5

Dansteed Way between V9 and V10

3 June:

Marlborough Street between V7 and H3

Overstreet between H4 and H5

Tongwell Street between H5 and H6

4 June:

Tattenhoe Street between H7 and H8

Gully cleaning (road drains)

4 June:

Wolverton - Stratford Road

Lining work

3 - 5 June:

Milton Keynes - Northgate Roundabout

Resurfacing work

1 - 4 June:

Olney - Whirley Pit Roundabout

7 - 10 June:

Bletchley - Princes Way

8 June:

Wolverton Road between V7 and Marsh Drive

9 - 12 June:

Bletchley - Albert Street

11 - 17 June:

Avebury Boulevard between Saxon Gate and Secklow Gate (Eastbound)

25 - 29 June:

Countess Way between Mandville Drive and Newport Road

29 - 30 June:

Bletchley - Masefield Grove


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