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Upcoming Roadworks in MK including potholes! Take note!

From 26 April 2021 MK Council will be carrying out roadworks on some sections in the following areas.

To provide a safe working environment for staff, some temporary road closures and diversions may be necessary.

Road repairs including potholes

26 - 27 April:

Middleton - Claridge Drive

26 April:

Bolbeck Park - Redvers Gate

Brinklow - Bransworth Avenue

CMK - Elder Gate

Downs Barn - Downs Barn Boulevard

Sherington - Crofts End

Springfield - Kenwood Gate and Falcon Avenue

Wolverton - Stratford Road

27 April:

Bletchley - Osborne Street

28 April:

Fishermead - Gurnards Avenue

30 April:

Olney - Market Place

7 May:

Fishermead - Fishermead Boulevard

Bletchley - Bond Avenue

Resurfacing Works

26 April - 10 May:

Bletchley - Drayton Road


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