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Virgin Atlantic Food & Beverage Networking & Learning Travel Event at Unity Place, Milton Keynes

Celebrate 40 Years of Innovation in the Sky with Virgin Atlantic’s/Virgin Clubhouse F&B event bought to you by TickEat

The event is taking place at Unity Place and is an exciting in-person event where you have the opportunity to dive into all things travel-related. We have a discount code available for you to use to attend the event - Code: FLY50

Heerum, the Founder of TickEat told us, “We are not just another events company; we are here making a difference for the way in which small food and drinks brands do business with bigger businesses. I am passionate about giving back to the community anyway I can via mentoring and volunteering for winter night shelter”.

In commemoration of Virgin Atlantic's 40th anniversary of pioneering flights, Tickeat is thrilled to announce a landmark event for the Virgin Atlantic and Clubhouse's esteemed food and beverage teams. This exclusive event, designed for the trailblazers in the food and drink industry, aims to bridge the gap between small businesses doing business with big businesses, offering an unparalleled opportunity to learn about launching your products with one of the world's leading airlines and lounges.

Why Attend?

  • Be Educated, Informed and Inspired: Delve into the dynamic world of airline catering and airport lounges with insights from Virgin Atlantic and Clubhouse food and beverage experts. Learn the intricacies of bringing your product onboard, from concept to high-altitude service.

  • Pitching Opportunities: Seize the chance to present your product to Virgin Atlantic Airways and Clubhouse.

  • Insider Knowledge: Gain firsthand knowledge from the industry's best, including Sodexo and Gate Group, on how they collaborate with Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Clubhouse to deliver exceptional culinary experiences. Virgin Atlantic crew members will share insights on the logistical marvels of in-flight service, from storage challenges to space optimisation.

  • Sustainability at Heart: Discover Virgin Atlantic's visionary approach to sustainability and learn how your brand can contribute to a greener future in aviation.

  • Networking Goldmine: Connect with 250-300 like-minded brands and industry leaders, fostering relationships that could shape the future of your business.

Event Highlights:

  • Panel Discussions: Engage with a panel of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Clubhouse veterans, successful brand suppliers, and sustainability advocates. These sessions promise a treasure trove of knowledge, from operational insights to futuristic sustainability practices.

  • Interactive Q&A: Have your burning questions answered by those who know best. Our interactive sessions are designed to give you the clarity and confidence to take your brand to new heights.

Be Part of Something Bigger:

This event is more than just another F&B event; it's a launchpad for innovative brands looking to make a significant impact in the aviation industry. Virgin Atlantic/Virgin Clubhouse and Tickeat are committed to supporting small businesses in achieving their dreams of flying high. Join us to mark 40 years of flying with knowledge, pitching sessions, and an unforgettable experience.

Secure your spot today and be part of the journey that could transform your brand's future.

Click here to book - MK Community Hub Discount Code: FLY50


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