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Warning of Pet Health Concerns as Leisure Returns to Milton Keynes

A recent survey by dog and cat wellness supplement Antinol® by Vetz Petz has revealed that one in five (21%) pet owners in Milton Keynes are worried about leaving their pets alone following the latest easing of lockdown restrictions.

78% of those surveyed in Milton Keynes and the East of England admitted that they will be spending less time at home from Monday 17 May to pursue leisure activities, such as going to restaurants (64%), bowling (7%), going to the cinema (28%), and holidaying in the UK (42%).

With less time at home and more spent working and in leisure, over a quarter of pet owners (27%) also feel anxious that their animal will put on weight or suffer physically in the coming months.

Over the past twelve months, pet owners in Milton Keynes have become increasingly connected with their furry friends with nearly two fifths (38%) saying that they are now closer to their pet now than before lockdown. 61% believe their animal’s companionship has also helped with their own mental health.

Agreeing with this statement is Olympic Medallist, motivation speaker and animal lover, Gail Emms MBE who has joined Antinol® to help raise awareness of pet health and wellbeing. She said: “The unconditional love and company of a pet has helped people, like myself, through each lockdown and given us a focus. Now with leisure reopening, most of us are rushing out to make up for what we have missed. This sudden absence from the home, plus many returning to working life, could leave our dogs and cats confused, anxious and less exercised.”

Gail’s West Highland Terrier, Rafa is 14 years old this month, “For an older animal like Rafa I’m concerned that the unavoidable reduction in exercise will mean his joints start to tighten and his weight will increase.”

In preparation, Rafa is currently enrolling in a new ‘Mobility Makeover’ programme using Antinol® to help improve his joint movement. Gail concludes: “It’s exciting to see life returning to normality, but before we head out to get our lives back on track, we must think about the impact these changes can have on our animals and prepare them as best we can.”

Antinol® is a 100% natural supplement for cats and dogs that helps keep them active and mobile by helping joint movement.

The survey was conducted by leading research consultancy YouGov who questioned 4,107 UK adults and found that 2,142 had a dog (1080), cat (1,034) or other pet. The survey was conducted on the 12-14 May 2021. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

For more information on Antinol® and for a FREE 30-day Mobility Booster of the product, visit


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