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'We are lucky to have such a Vibrant, Diverse Community in Milton Keynes' Black History Month

Cllr David Hopkins and Cllr Liam Andrews, Leader and Deputy Leader of MKCC Conservative Group, spent Friday morning visiting the Black History Month exhibitions at MK Central Library.

Cllr Hopkins and Andrews spent time reading the extraordinary stories of ten pioneering black women of Milton Keynes, an exhibition based upon this year’s Black History Month theme ‘Saluting our Sisters’, and learning about the contributions of I K Dario MBE to music across the Commonwealth.

Cllr David Hopkins said ‘To me, Black History Month is a celebration that not only recognises the incredible contributions and remarkable achievements of Black people and demonstrates that we have much to be proud of in MK. However, it also highlights the magnitude of inequalities and barriers that many continue to confront and have to overcome on a daily basis.

The exhibition in the MK City Centre Library provides a dedicated space and unique opportunity to read, listen and learn about the experiences of Black people from across MK, going beyond the confines of the Black British experience and creating a platform locally for greater understanding and solidarity’

Cllr Liam Andrews added “We are lucky to have such a vibrant, diverse community in Milton Keynes

and I really enjoyed visiting the Black History Month exhibition at Milton Keynes Library, celebrating

some of the most inspirational black women from across Milton Keynes.

Black History Month is such a vital opportunity to celebrate the important contributions black people

have made here in MK, as well as across the entire country”


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