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Woburn Sands says a big Thank you to retiring Town Councillors

Woburn Sands Town Council said a big thank you to five of its seven retiring councillors yesterday (31st July) at a reception in the town’s memorial hall.

The Councillors stood down at the May local elections allowing a new generation of town representatives to take up the mantle of representing Woburn Sands residents both within the community and more widely across MK and beyond.

Town Mayor, Cllr Jo Green thanked each for their many years of service to the town hoping that each would remain active in supporting and advising the council as it prepares to welcome hundreds of new homes due to be bult at SEMK Urban Expansion Area in the Parish and the continued uncertainty over the planned East West Rail scheme which, at one stage, threatened to cut the community in two.

Cllr David Hopkins, who remains a Danesborough ward councillor representing Woburn Sands at MK City Council commented ‘It has been a privilege sitting as a member of Woburn Sands Town Council for so many years. We have witnessed many changes and it is in so many ways down to the hard work and dedication of local representatives and the paid staff (our outstanding Clerk and her team) that has enabled Woburn Sands to grow into the integrated, thriving community it is today’. He continued, ‘I shall remain one of the representatives of the town at the City Council and will continue to attend town council meetings in that role’.


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