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Woman issued with Criminal Behaviour Order

A woman has been issued with a criminal behaviour order (CBO) after she was convicted of a racially aggravated harassment offence in Milton Keynes

Stacey Jane Theobald, aged 32, of Portland Road in London, was convicted at Aylesbury Crown Court on Tuesday 11 May.

She pleaded guilty to a count of racially-aggravated harassment.

The conviction relates to an incident that took place at Milton Keynes University Hospital, at the A&E department at 2.20pm on 10 July 2019. Theobald was taken to the hospital by paramedics, and while there she racially abused an NHS staff member, a man in his sixties.

Theobald was issued with an 18 month conditional discharge, and a five year CBO which prevents her from calling 111 or emergency services for medical advice or aid, or encouraging by her actions anyone else doing so on her behalf, save for genuine need of emergency services immediate assessment, action or treatment.

She was also prohibited from attending Milton Keynes University Hospital, which includes associated grounds, except when she would need urgent or emergency treatment, to attend as an in-patient having been brought by a paramedic attending a 999 call, or to attend for a non-medical purpose previously arranged in writing.

Theobald is also prohibited from remaining on any NHS medical or hospital premises, including associated grounds, if asked to leave by staff.

The final condition also prohibits her from acting or inciting others to act in an anti-social manner, which is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to a person by using threatening/ abusive/ aggressive/ violent words and/ or behaviour towards a person and/or property.

PC Marc Walters, Milton Keynes University Hospital and Mental Health Liaison Officer, based in Milton Keynes police station, said: “This is the first NHS-related CBO issued in the county borough of Milton Keynes, and is a result of partnership working with Thames Valley Police, South Central Ambulance Service, and MKUH NHS Foundation Trust.

“Theobald’s behaviour was offensive and completely unacceptable, towards a member of NHS staff who wanted to provide medical assistance to her after she was brought to hospital by paramedics.

“No one, in particular NHS staff, should have to suffer abuse of this manner when doing their job, and in particular when this kind of abuse is racially aggravated.

“Theobald now has to abide by this CBO for five years, which I hope will provide the necessary protection and reassurance to NHS staff in that she is prohibited from participating in such behaviour again.

“Thames Valley Police will take action to prevent this from occurring through the courts where appropriate.”


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