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Yardley Gobion Football Club raise £2500 for Mind BLMK

Members of Yardley Gobion FC have been walking miles in a bid to raise funds for Mind BLMK, a mental health charity in Milton Keynes.

A spokesperson from the club said, ''It’s been a tough month; 3 lads caught covid, 5 had to isolate at various points and we have seen endless amount of injuries but it's been worth every effort. Together we have raised £2500.''

The club would like to thank the amazing commitment of those involved, and the wonderful help of Ben Peel, Jake Stratfull and Kamila Kot. Upon completing the challenge, the club have amassed a combined total of over 1300 Miles! An incredible achievement.

The club re-emphasised their appreciation to those who have donated, ''We really cannot stress enough how much your support means to each and every one of us, and how much your donations will help the amazing work that Mind BLMk put in daily.''

In November 2019 the club decided to make Mind BLMK a charity partner, and since then they have: - Raised £2500 and counting - Included the Mind BLMK logo on their Training Tees, First Team match day shirts, and their FC Jackets - Produced two social videos around mental health awareness - Mind BLMK logo also included on items in the club store due to be released shortly

''As a Football Club we couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done, are doing, and will continue to do for our local community, and thank you all for helping us do so.''

Donations for Mind BLMK are open on just giving until 28th Feb 2021.

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