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You’re Invited As Local MPs Ben And Iain Bring Back The MK Big Chat

Local MPs Iain Stewart and Ben Everitt are inviting businesses, organisations and charities from across Milton Keynes to come together for the return of the MK Big Chat.

The public session will be held from 1-3pm on Friday 16th June at the Ridgeway Centre in Wolverton Mill and aims to bring together groups from across the city to connect and network.

The MK Big Chat was first held by the Milton Keynes MPs in 2019 and, despite its success, was unable to return in the last few years due to the pandemic, but it is now set to return.

Businesses from Santander to Aiimi, charities from Harry’s Rainbow to Community Action MK and organisations from MK College to the National Lottery Community Fund are just some of the more than 40 stall holders at the event, with many others expected to attend the public session.

Although there are many networking events in MK, there are none quite like this which will bring a cross sector of organisations together under one roof. That is why Ben Everitt MP and Iain Stewart MP are keen for as many groups from across the city to attend as possible and be involved, to come together for the Milton Keynes community.

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “I’m absolutely delighted we’re bringing back the MK Big Chat to help connect our incredible businesses, charities and community groups from all across Milton Keynes.

“Providing this opportunity for groups that may not ordinarily meet to link-up and see how they could potentially work together is so exciting for the future of our city.”

Iain Stewart, the MP for Milton Keynes South, commented: “The last MK Big Chat proved to be a hugely successful event and I am pleased to see it return for another year to help bring together a wide range of businesses, charities and organisations from across Milton Keynes.

“This event is a wonderful opportunity for people to come together to network and connect with other Milton Keynes-based organisations to find ways to work together and help the Milton Keynes community, so I hope to see you there.”

If you are involved with or know of an organisation, business or charity that would benefit from attending the MK Big Chat, be sure to alert them to this opportunity!


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