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Youth Football Pitches Ruined A Week Before Children Can Return To Play

Newport Pagnell Town FC took to social media to air their disgust at irresponsible and hugely disrespectful behaviour.

On Monday 29th March grassroots football has been given the green light to return to action meaning extreme joy and excitement for thousands of young people across Milton Keynes.

However, on social media today, Newport Pagnell Town Football Club posted photos of their football pitches torn to shreds by what appears to be tyre tracks.

They said, ''Just as we are able to get back to providing football to the youth of Newport Pagnell, some one has decided to ruin one of the pitches. Please can people be vigilant when driving past or near the club as this facility is used by hundreds of youth players, and report anything to the police as soon as possible. Thanks.''

Head of Youth Domenico Rampello told us, ''We feel so very disappointed and devastated that this has happened after the year the children have had cooped up and not able to play football. As we near a point where we can finally get out and play, this incident happens which could literally stop hundreds of children from playing football next week!! We will do all we can to fix this.''

Many people have come forward to offer their support to ensure that games can continue and children can return to the beautiful game as planned.


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