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18,000 Children Living in Poverty in MK in 2021

"I feel stuck. I'm just working to just about live. It's not the future I deserve."

With recent research revealing that 18,000 children were living in poverty in MK in 2021[1], Milton Keynes Community Foundation have launched a Cost-of-Living Crisis Appeal to support the most vulnerable groups in the city.

As the economic climate continues to only make life harder for children and young people in 2022, the appeal aims to raise funds to support local charity and community organisations who are working hard to ease the effects felt by the Cost-of-Living crisis.

Recognising that the impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis goes far further than heating and eating, MK Community Foundation have been speaking to vulnerable young people across the city to understand how the Cost-of-Living Crisis is affecting them.

It is abundantly clear that young people are not only anxious about the impact they've felt on their basic needs, but the detrimental affect the cost-of-living crisis is having on their future aspirations, including housing and employment.

Lauren, a 20-year-old currently working for SOFEA said, "I feel stuck. I'm working to just about live, counting pennies for fuel so I get to work. I don't feel I'm having the same experience my parents had at my age, people then could just move out of their parent’s homes.”

She added “Now with the Cost-of-Living Crisis, it means I can't afford anything. It's not the future I thought I deserved.”

Lauren is just one of thousands of young people in the city who are facing an uncertain future. Fortunately, support is available to Lauren through SOFEA, a Milton Keynes based charity providing education, employability, and wellbeing programmes for vulnerable youngsters.

It is charities like SOFEA that are also feeling the impact of the cost of living on their services, with many facing an uncertain future.

"51% of charities in the UK have said they are using their reserves to cover core costs," according to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) survey.[2]

This comes hand in hand with local charities such as MK Food Bank, seeing a startling 40% increased demand for their services since last year.

The Cost-of-Living Fund set up by MK Community Foundation will enable community groups to support vulnerable people affected by the crisis.

Jack, 18 and currently doing his Maths and English GCSE through SOFEA said, "Everyone is nice here and I now feel like I have a purpose. Without SOFEA I don't think I would be alive."

By donating to MK Community Foundation's Cost of Living Appeal, you're supporting the vital work of charities and community groups in the city. Without their services, young people like Lauren and Jack would face an even more uncertain future.

You can show your support here:

With your kindness, we can offer young people a future they deserve.


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