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31 Year Old Man Jailed For Handling Stolen Goods in Milton Keynes

Following a Thames Valley Police investigation, a man has been jailed for handling stolen goods in Milton Keynes.

Paulius Varasius, aged 31, of Bradwell Common Boulevard, Milton Keynes, was sentenced to a total of nine months in prison at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday (21/1).

Varasius pleaded guilty of one count each of handling stolen goods, false registration mark and driving without insurance.

After 8pm on 3 August last year, Varasius stole a Black BMW car from a property on Stubbs Wood, Chesham Bois.

He was found driving the stolen car on false plates the following day. Upon arrest, West Mercia police officers found equipment used in keyless motor thefts.

Varasius was charged on 6 August last year.

Police Staff Investigator, Navjot Toor, based at Amersham police station, said: “Due to the quick actions taken by police and a thorough investigation that followed, the offender was caught swiftly and dealt with robustly.

“As well as Thames Valley Police officers, I would also like to thank West Mercia Police for their support. We were able to retrieve the vehicle back for the victim and the investigation was overall a success.”


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