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5% Increase in Energy Cap to Push More Families into Fuel Poverty in Milton Keynes

As the cost-of-living continues to rise in Milton Keynes, with a 5% surge in energy bills, Milton Keynes Community Foundation is increasing its efforts in helping to alleviate the profound impact of fuel poverty experienced by many individuals, families and charities in the local community.

In response to the recent 5% increase in the energy price cap, and the average energy bill increasing by a further £94, MK Community Foundation is urgings residents, businesses, and philanthropists to rally behind its ongoing Cost of Living Appeal.

• National Energy Action (NEA) reports that 7,267 households in Milton Keynes are living in fuel poverty and expected to go without heating this winter.

• Unfortunately, this figure does not consider the new average energy bill cost of £1,928, and so the actual number of affected households is️ likely to be much higher than this.

Launched last November on Giving Tuesday, the appeal aims to address the specific needs of local charities grappling with escalating operational costs, enabling them to sustain vital services to vulnerable residents in Milton Keynes.

MK Money Lifeline, a beneficiary of MK Community Foundation's support, is an independent debt advice charity delivering face-to-face advice and practical support as well as telephone support, within the Milton Keynes community. MK Money Lifeline highlighted the implications of the energy price increase and what it means for their clients:

Quote from Debt Advice Charity, MK Money Lifeline:

“The 5% increase in fuel prices will continue to squeeze the budgets of our clients. Many already cannot afford to heat their homes and must make hard choices about what they are able to cook. Added to the rise in the cost-of-living and interest rates, this winter is a hard one for our clients and for many people in Milton Keynes who are resorting to food banks to make ends meet.”

Said Ian Anderson, Centre Manager at MK Money Lifeline.

The charity also shared an anonymised story of one of their clients' experiences:

“Our client was referred by a local parish council who often supported her. With illness and financial pressures during Covid, she built up rent arrears and her arrangement to repay the arrears failed. Her physical and mental health were wearing her down, especially having to cope with other family illness resulting in a lot of time off work. She was at breaking point and could not see a way forward.”

With MK Money Lifeline's support, the client gained control of her budget and ‘felt able to return to work and take any available overtime.’

MK Community Foundation invites the community to contribute to the Cost-of-Living Fund, emphasising the invaluable impact giving locally can have on mitigating the financial strain experienced by both local charities and individuals. Donations can be made through various channels, including one-off contributions, organising fundraising events, becoming a Friend, or donating winter fuel payments.

To support the Cost-of-Living Appeal and make a meaningful difference in Milton Keynes, please visit


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