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''Administration secretly cut Meals on Wheels service for City’s most vulnerable'' say Conservatives

The Labour-Liberal Democrat leaders of Milton Keynes City Council have been slammed for attacking amongst the most vulnerable people in the city by ending the vital Meals On Wheels service.

The Meals On Wheels service had provided hot meals to the homes of vulnerable people, including the elderly and those with mobility issues. This service has now been terminated and replaced by a frozen food delivery service.

Residents have started to receive letters confirming the secret decision taken by the Progressive Alliance with ward councillors not informed beforehand and no mention of these cuts in the recently published draft budget papers.

Conservative Councillors have heavily criticised this decision to remove a lifeline service for those most in need at this difficult time of rising costs, notably food prices, and freezing temperatures. Whilst the replacement service will aid some, it places the most vulnerable who are unable to utilise a microwave or refrigerate the food at risk.

Further, it is deeply concerning that all Ward Councillors were not given an opportunity by the Administration to advocate for their residents through either notice from the Labour-Lib Dem leadership or scrutiny of the draft budget papers. This choice of concealed decision-making begs the question of what other services may have been curtailed without the knowledge of all members of the Council.

Cllr Saleena Raja, MK Conservative Group Cost of Living Spokesperson, adds:

"It's a shame, that, first the bus service was taken away from our elderly residents, which has impacted hugely on both their social life and mental health and now during these difficult times when people are dealing with 'the cost-of-living crisis' our most vulnerable citizens will not have any hot, nutritious meals delivered to them. I do not even want to begin to imagine the problems this will cause, especially to their health and well-being."


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