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City Council supports 30 people into housing through new homeless shelter

Milton Keynes City Council has found a secure home for almost 30 homeless people since it opened a new shelter at a former city centre bus station just three months ago.

The Council opened the shelter specifically for male rough sleepers in June, providing overnight accommodation and support for up to 19 people at a time who would otherwise be sleeping rough. Council colleagues and partners from voluntary organisations are on site to give essential support, and the space also includes essential facilities like showers and kitchen equipment.

Almost 80 people have used the shelter so far with most users only staying for a short period before accessing further assistance. As well as receiving expert clinical help, guests can also be supported to find work and training, and to access benefits.

Milton Keynes City Council has rolled out multiple initiatives in recent years to support rough sleepers and help them secure a life off the streets for good. As a result, the number of people rough sleeping in the city has dropped significantly, leaving a few entrenched rough sleepers who are visited daily and offered support by the council’s outreach team.

MK City Council encourages people to report anyone they think might be sleeping rough via Streetlink so support can be offered.

“No one in MK needs to be sleeping rough. By bringing all of the services under one roof we can help people even faster by getting them off the streets and giving them the support they need. It’s really encouraging to see how many people we have been able to help as a result of the shelter. I want to thank all the services, voluntary and public sector for their commitment to working together to give residents the best chance at a new start in life off the streets.”

- Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities, Cllr Emily Darlington


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