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City Council teams up with neighbours to increase access to specialist community equipment

Milton Keynes City Council is planning a new way to increase access to specialised equipment and home adaptations that help vulnerable residents remain independent.

Currently, local authorities in Milton Keynes, Luton and Bedfordshire work separately to provide local people with items such as commodes, individually adapted wheelchairs and automated beds.

A new partnership between the authorities called the Integrated Community Equipment Service will allow them to combine resources, helping money go further and increasing the availability of many specialised items.

The partnership will also cover home adaptations such as access ramps, lowered shelving and changes to the layout of a property, which can make day to day tasks easier for people with restricted mobility. A decision to begin the procurement process will be made during a council meeting on 21 March and if approved, the service will launch in April 2024.

“This is an opportunity to work smarter with our neighbours to deliver greater choice and faster access to specialised equipment. We already have good links with other local authorities, and this is a common sense way to make our resources go further for local people. “Timely support and equipment can help people remain independent in their own homes, as well as reducing hospital admissions and helping people home from hospital faster. We want everyone to live with dignity and independence where possible.” - Cllr Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities


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