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City Council to extend popular support for young parents

Milton Keynes City Council is set to extend its much-valued support and accommodation service for young parents.

The city council commissions Springfield House, which is currently managed by the Salvation Army in a building owned by Orbit Housing Association, as a safe and stable environment for new parents aged between 16 and 24 who need extra help learning independent living and parenting skills.

There’s consistent demand for the 16 flats at Springfield House, where pregnant young women or new parents can stay for up to a year while getting the practical support they need to feel confident in their new role, with spaces taken 96% of the time.

The current contract ends in January 2024, and the city council will make a formal decision on 15 August to set aside £1.15m for the next five years so that a new contract can be commissioned, and young parents can seamlessly continue to receive essential help.

“We’ve got a wide range of support for young parents and it’s really important to offer a safe and stable environment where people can adjust to becoming a parent as part of that. Young parents can learn the right skills and make positive choices to give their new baby the best start in life, and eventually get ready to live independently.” - Cllr Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities


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