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Council Misses Opportunity To Win Anti-Fly-Tipping Cash

Conservative Press Release: Milton Keynes Council’s Labour and Liberal Democrat coalition failed to apply for the Government’s Fly-Tipping Intervention Grant, despite neighbouring Buckinghamshire receiving £50,000 in government cash to combat fly-tipping in the area.

The fly-tipping grant scheme provides funding for projects in fly-tipping hotspots that show the potential for supporting enforcement activity, improving infrastructure and raising awareness. The scheme was open to all local authorities based in England.

Thirteen local councils won grant funding totalling £450,000, including Buckinghamshire Council. They are using the funding for investment in additional CCTV, fly-tipping awareness campaigns and automatic number plate recognition in hotspot areas.

Other local authorities are using the funding for mobile CCTV units for rural areas and innovative sensor equipment.

The local Conservatives say that this is a missed opportunity from the Council to show MK some serious TLC and clamp down on areas impacted by fly-tipping and litter.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“When it comes to fly-tipping and litter, enough is enough. We need to be doing all we can to drive down both crimes and be actively looking for ways to receive additional support in doing so.

The Council have yet again taken their eye off the ball and missed the opportunity to secure £50,000 to fight fly-tippers and litter touts in Milton Keynes.

While neighbouring Bucks will receive extra cash, we will not. The only way this can change in the future is if residents back the Conservatives in May’s local elections so we can deliver on their priorities.”


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