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Council staff pulling out all the stops to support Afghan arrivals

Milton Keynes Council staff have been working around the clock and over the bank holiday weekend to help ease the arrival of almost 700 people airlifted out of Afghanistan.

Around 680 adults and children are staying in three Milton Keynes hotels booked by Government for the new arrivals, with around 550 people landing since Thursday.

Many people had made their long and gruelling journey in just the clothes they were wearing, after leaving their homes in unthinkably traumatic circumstances.

Last week and through the bank holiday weekend, a team of MK Council workers have been providing practical support including sourcing, packing, and supplying more than £15,000 of emergency personal items like toiletries and baby supplies.

Fifteen people gave up their weekends to be at the hotels each day, working alongside NHS partners to solve a wide range of problems.

In addition, the Council is arranging activities and events for families, as many of the new arrivals are young children, and a Council family worker will be on hand to be a familiar and friendly face as families orientate themselves, and to help them access healthcare and other essential services.

Michael Bracey, Milton Keynes Council’s Chief Executive said “This is a fast-moving situation and I’m proud that as ever Council colleagues stepped up to give the practical help needed. Right now our focus is on the immediate wellbeing of these families.”

After a generous response from residents, local people are asked to hold on to any donations of clothing and toys and not to made donations direct to hotels. If you would like to support refugees, please consider making a financial donation to a well-known humanitarian charity involved in refugee support such as the British Red Cross or Save the Children.


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